One of the domains that were among the first to hit me when the new domains that are available for registration came out was the .ninja domain.

In fact when other web domains refer to some everyday things, the ninja is a historical character that really existed but to date, however, remains more as a figure of comics and anime, which obviously are much appreciated, than a real figure. So why create a domain that refers to a figure that is somehow kind of fictional but very recognisable? It would be like creating a domain .warrior or .dragon, things that are not there.  Well in Japan, to tell the truth, some “official” ninjas are there, but their tasks are really very limited.

In the world, however, martial arts in schools are widespread, they teach ninja’s fighting techniques (which are anything but historical techniques, it emerged from a Japanese university research which were all invented in the 1950s and 1960s). But for kids who grew up with these figures around them, in their imagination, it is clear that a ninja school, where you learn techniques from ninja, begins to make more sense than just a “self-defense school”.

There are also cartoonists who create comics belonging to this literary strand who can benefit from this domain to make their creations and their characters known. And then there are the creators of cartoons, or of suppliers of martial arts clothing and accessories that can benefit from this domain name. These companies, which target a very specific consumer niche, can benefit greatly from such a website. An important advertising for the domain name could be of a great use, because you can also call someone who is a great expert in something a “ninja”. And here we see why in advertising point of view this domain name can have good potential. Being easily known, this domain extension serves the purpose for establishing reachable namespace for this influential group.

In short, the uses of the .ninja domain are neither immediate nor easily visible at least at a glance, but if we go to a certain detail they make sense: being a strange domain, it immediately strikes the attention of people who are passionate about a certain type of domain which is more attractive and interesting.  So the .ninja domain has a good business potential. .Ninja is domain name without restrictions, so the possibilities are endless.