Among the many domains that are available for online registration, one of the most interesting of the last few years is the .ceo domain, a particular domain, expensive, but which has a strong image impact on business performance and it is for a particular reason that we are going to explain to you.

Starting from the beginning, CEO is a word (which stands for Chief Executive Officer) in our country has only become part of the common language for a few years (when we talk about Tim Cook as Apple CEO, or Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO ) but has a much more familiar Italian counterpart which is that of Chief Executive Officer. In practice, this is the figure that is delegated by the president of a company to administer and manage them, so most of the decisions are taken, together with the board of directors, by this person.

In terms of relations with other companies, the figure of a well-known and clear CEO with whom people can communicate directly is very important, because it indicates openness to commercial relations. From this point of view the official registry of the .ceo domain encourages companies to open a site and, above all, an email dedicated to this very figure, which is important to consider.

The .ceo domain, unlike most domains, is not open to everyone, but only to CEOs or similar figures in various countries (CEO in Italy, or Managing Director in England). By extension, then, it can also be registered by similar figures as company presidents, founders or co-founders, but things remain always and in any case limited: in order to register the domain, in fact, it is necessary to provide the registry with official documents that certify that those people really are who they say they are, and the domain must be in the name of the natural person, the individual, and not the whole company, unlike what happens with other extensions.

As this domain is gaining more and more prominence and importance at international level, as we said at the beginning it is the best way to make known what we do and to be able to communicate with other companies: thanks to this domain, in fact, it will be possible to identify ourselves in a unique way as a personality and at the same time a guarantee for our interlocutor that, although he may be on the other side of the world, he will always have the certainty of communicating with a person of weight within the company and not with an employee which, however important, may not have decision-making powers.

The .ceo domain, if you are interested and if you are matching the restrictions for it, you should know that this is an opportunity which can be taken into consideration.