Domain name .dating for dating sites

Domain name .dating for dating sites

Few things have changed in recent years like ways to find love . A few years ago, when there was no possibility of getting to know each other online, we met in person. Today, however, it is not uncommon for people to get to know each other online, with the help of mobile phones and computers, to get to know each other even before meeting in person.

The dating sites have literally sprung up like mushrooms, each with its own characteristics: there are sites for love encounters , for meetings between young kids, between older people, occasional meetings, meetings for those with “special” desires, and then meetings to travel together even if not directly related to a relationship.

The advantages of knowing people on a site are innumerable, ranging from being able to know basic information even before contacting a person to knowing his thoughts, his way of seeing things, the things he likes even before seeing him in person, in flesh and blood.

In short, there are positive characteristics, and often those who sign up are also willing to pay something to do it: this is why dating sites can be profitable for those who create and follow them.

If you also have experience in the meetings, or have a place where you organize evenings for singles, or travel agencies that organize holidays or trips of the same type, or if you think you have a winning idea to make a site work of encounters, the new gTLDs come to your aid with the new .dating extension , which makes it clear from the moment a person enters the site what to expect.

Creating a .dating site is a good way to create a clear portal from the beginning and also easy to remember for those who are interested: if we move the word “dating” in the final part of the address, rather than in the intermediate part the word that will be at the center, will be easier to remember and will also be more distinctive such as or, it is a good option if it is supported by a good advertising investment (and, above all, by a good advertising campaign) it can definitely bear fruit.

After all, despite the crisis, people always need to get to know each other and to meet each other , and precisely because of the economic hardship they prefer to rely on the fast and versatile network rather than more traditional methods: an interesting business, in particular supported by a good site .dating