If you have a teacher’s soul choose the domain .academy

If you have a teacher’s soul choose the domain .academy

Education is one of the fundamental components of our life. If you are in front of your device, if I am here to write, if you can read my words, it is thanks to the education you have had throughout your life. Education that comes from books, or from teachers, or even from the experience you have had in the course of your work: so we arrive at a certain point in our life where we understand that, after much study and work, we have something to teach others.

Clearly, for teaching there are people in charge, people who have studied to do just that (teachers and professors) but alongside them there are a series of figures who teach thanks to their experience, for example a foreign language, a certain craft or artistic quality.

Think of the schools of drawing, languages, communication, cooking, ancient crafts: all unofficial schools, schools that often do not even issue a diploma, but which allow others to know something and to be able to exploit it in their life.

So why not try? Especially in this period of crisis we often hear people talking who would like to know how to do something more and are looking for people willing to teach them: this is possible by having a structure, a basis (obviously) and a way to advertise your business.

And here comes the domain .academy, a particular domain that has recently appeared aimed at those who try to teach something, both with paid and free courses and based on grants and donations from associations. A particular domain, which immediately makes visible the activity in which we are interested in those who want to be part of it. Don’t you think that’s true?

Try looking for some “academy” on the internet, just to understand how much interest there is in private structures of this kind. The “academies” are very fashionable, and just to start a site like “english.academy”, or as “cucina.academy”, or even “manga.academy” are a great way to make the name of the site known our business, rather than putting everything in the name and then putting a maybe national extension like .it.

Also because the national domain of Italy, however, does not give geographical indications: if I open my school, where you have to be physically present,  it means that putting “it” makes little sense by providing information on Italy when using a resident of Rome or Naples, for geographical reasons, probably will not be able to go there. So why not take advantage of the new gTLDs to choose a domain name that is easier to remember and richer in information?

If you intend to teach something, to do some courses, even small ones, the name “academy” will give much more importance to all your activity.