How the corona virus influences the domain name world

How the corona virus influences the domain name world

Without a doubt, the new corona virus is being a major issue in the short time we have been in 2020. Little time passes without a new headline being released talking about the consequences of the outbreak that occurred in Wuhan, whether on a humanitarian or technological level. Another “affected” by the corona virus effect have been web domains. Virtually all web domains of the new corona virus are acquired. The popularity of the new corona virus has caused its web domains to be acquired almost entirely.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given a scientific name to the new corona virus, covid-19, which will be the official name that will define this virus. Well, this name did not take long to be occupied by web domains. The name “covid-19” has already been used to acquire web domains internationally. Such has been the case that practically all known domains have already been acquired, adopting the new scientific name of the new corona virus.

If we use a search engine for available web domains and search for “covid-19” we will see that most web domains with this name are no longer available. There are a few like “” (referring to the Catalan-speaking web domains) that are available, but not many.

The domains of the new corona virus are varied; the most relevant ones are “caught”, such as .com, .es, .net, .eu, etc. This means that at this time the web domains of the new corona virus will give rise to web pages of different kinds that, presumably, will not seek to speak neutrally and objectively of the corona virus.

But why have these web domains been acquired under the name of the new corona virus? Cyber ​​criminals commonly convert trending names on the Internet to create malicious web pages, either to try to do “phishing” or to publish malicious software.

In other cases, these domains are used to obtain economic revenue in the form of visits, taking advantage of Google’s results and trying to position these websites in the highest results. Hardly an official agency would use the name of a disease to make an information web page, making it easier to think that users are taking advantage of the pull of the corona virus crisis for their purposes.

In any case, whenever you look for information about the corona virus, resort to official sources and reputable international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and its international social networks. In the latter case, the WHO is launching a campaign via Twitter to make society aware of the real dangers by clarifying doubts about its main characteristics.