.cooking domain : For those who are masters in the kitchen

.cooking domain : For those who are masters in the kitchen

In recent years, chefs have become more fashionable than singers and actors, compared to few years ago. Many countries are known for their good  culinary tradition, and although this is a worldwide trend it has particularly attracted attention, making people rediscover their passion for cooking and inducing many to even want to change jobs to devote themselves to what they love the most. To emerge in an area it takes many sacrifices, the desire to learn and above all the ability to make ourselves known in order to work in front of people who have something to teach us.

Clearly, we are not here to give cooking lessons, but to talk about online advertising: it is in fact possible, with the right domain, to create a portal that collects all our creations, our ideas, photos of our dishes, and the the perfect extension for such a site is the .cooking extension.

It must be considered that cooking is an international context and that when we deal with this activity the geographical limits are not important, because traveling around the world means being able to know cultures, traditions and even new ingredients to take a step forward in a cultural sense.

The .cooking domain , therefore, allows you to have an address that immediately identifies what your business is and is particularly well combined with your name and surname: for example the site of the famous chef Mario Rossi –  mariorossi.cooking. This domain extension can be used for culinary website, e-commerce food related sites, sites for kitchen appliances etc.

It is a particular form of advertising, but it must be considered that in this area there is a lot of competition and that those who seek to emerge must do it in a certain way so as not to find themselves working in the Osteria da Gino to make carbonara for truck drivers. In short, if you try to go beyond the normal level, you need commitment, and a good site can be a starting point. Easier to make (and more profitable) than betting everything on Masterchef, little but safe.