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Domain name extension .mobi

History This domain was used by users to clearly identify that a site was meant for mobile devices, particularly cell phones or PDAs. Until a few years ago, in fact,…


August 1, 2019

The Pirate Bay loses two .se domains

Legislation: The Swedish authorities have obtained the right to seize the domains and from the popular torrent links website. But this is not enough to handicap Pirate Bay,…


March 29, 2019

Who purchased the domain name for a minute?

A former employee of the firm, Sanmay Ved  explained on a LinkedIn post that he succeeded in buying the domain name for $12. But he was able to enjoy it only for a minute, before Google takes it back. $12 to buy the domain name? It seems like a good deal, isn’t it? That’s what Sanmay Ved had to say when he bought from Google Domains the domain name used by the giant search…


February 26, 2019

Building the art for getting started

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December 20, 2018