When you buy a house, you usually do research to find out who the previous owners were, what they did, how they behaved, and above all to find out why they left the house. If this is normal for a home, why don’t we also do it for our domain names, which are a bit like our “digital home”?

When a domain is left by an owner, it always leaves traces on the internet. True, its contents are deleted (so pages, articles and so on are no longer available even on search engines) but the site may have been blacklisted. What would happen, for example, if the previous owners of our domain used it to spam people, if so Google put it on a blacklist that doesn’t show it on the engines? In this case, Google doesn’t care about the owner, because for him the domain counts as “dirty” and therefore will not be displayed.

When you buy a domain, or if possible before you buy it, and you intend to use it, you have to go through two security checks.

The Google control, which is based on entering the term “site:” on the search engine, we will be able to know what information is left on the network regarding the domain: if we find links to strange, suspicious sites, or sites that sell products of dubious quality, it is better to leave it alone and not use the domain.

Then we can use the Norton site to find out more about the site and to know, above all, if the domain was in any way linked to the spread of viruses, which in practice would condemn it forever, without exclusions.

The other tool that can be used to understand how reliable the domain we are about to register is is this, which allows you to know the history of the past of our site and to know who the previous owners were, thanks to the Whois history, and also to see a score assigned for spam, ranging from 1 to 17. If the score is 1, the value is the lowest and therefore you can use the domain without problems from the spam point of view. If, on the other hand, it is higher it means that the site has had problems in the past from this point of view, which could penalize it.

These searches are very important when you go to register your domain name, because the shadows of the past fall on the present and this will be increasingly true in the context of web domains: let’s think about it, because if we invest in a domain that starts badly from the beginning it will be like having wasted money.