Update: Uniregistry’s Upcoming Price Increase in New gTLDs Does Not Apply to Existing Domains

In early March, Uniregistry, one of the biggest domain registrars, announced a significant price increase in 16 of the 27 new gTLDs that it manages. The hardest hit were .hosting and .juegos reaching 350 EUR each. Some strong reactions ensued and GoDaddy dropped selling Uniregistry’s new extensions, at least temporarily.

Last week Uniregistry reconsidered its decision and announced that the hike in registration and renewal feels will not apply to existing domains. This means that if you register or renew domains under the affected new TLDs before 8 September 2017, your subsequent renewals will be at the current, lower prices.

Another change is that Uniregistry plans to revise prices for its premium names by the end of the second quarter.

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