Tools for Choosing your Ideal Domain Name

Tools for Choosing your Ideal Domain Name

Your domain name is your online identity.
Choosing the most suitable one for your business is therefore of vital importance for your future success. You can find out all you need to consider in advance in <How to Choose your Ideal Domain Name?>. If the names that you come up with are already registered, or you simply need to bounce a few more ideas, you can try out some of the biggest domain name generators below. They offer a variety of search options and useful features that are definitely worth considering before you take your final pick!

Lean Domain Search

This is a good tool to play around when you’re exploring keywords.
– You simply type them in and get thousands of .com results. You can order them alphabetically, by length or by popularity.
– For your convenience, you can save favourites and track your search history.
– For example, you’ve got a house cleaning business, and are looking for domains with these keywords: ‘star’, ‘clean’. If you like from the search results, you can check if it’s available and proceed directly to registering via one of the registrar link options.

Domain Puzzler

There’s nothing puzzling about this one – its layout is pretty straightforward. Unlike Lean Domain Search, here you can pick and choose your domain extensions among .com, .net, .org, .eu, .uk, etc. It allows you to combine many keywords in three search options (using the same example of ‘star’, ‘clean’):
– easy: simple keyword search, eg
– advanced: combines domain keywords with more words by choice, eg and are available.
– magical: combines domain keywords with popular words, eg
A useful feature is the Pagerank option which compares domain PR.

Name Mesh

Name Mesh shows search results into categories:
– common*
– new
– SEO, eg
– extra
– fun, eg
– short
– similar, eg
– mix, eg

*No search results.

They are all different colours so results look fun!
Name Mesh is also helpful: it gives you other suggestions for keyword searches.
You can also narrow your search by:

– popular extensions such as .com, .io, .co, .net.
– registrar
– max length
– unregistered domains.

Bust A Name

Bust A Name has a totally different layout and options than the generators above. You can be specific in your domain name search here:

– Choose the word with which you want your domain to start/end, eg ‘clean’:
– Choose whether you want your domain to look very natural, less natural or somewhat natural, eg,,
– Choose the number of characters in the name: from 5 to 15.
– Choose from up to 5 gTLDs: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz.
– Try with suggested similar words.

You have the option to save domains or purchase directly.


Panabee offers an easy way to search for domain names, company names and app names. You can start by entering two keywords, eg ‘star’, ‘clean’, pick your domain extensions and hit search.
The results will be based not only on exact matches, but also different letter combinations, replacements of keywords, prefixes and suffixes as well, eg,,, etc.

It also suggests related terms and social media usernames which can come in handy if you’d like to be active on social platforms as well.

High Authority Expired Domains

Domain name tools are not the only option when hunting for domain names. High authority expired domains have the definite advantage of readymade high SEO power (in some cases even remaining web traffic) so it is worth considering them.

There are numerous websites for expired domain searches as well. However, it takes a lot of time since thousands upon thousands of domains expire every day and there are loads of spammed ones that you wouldn’t want for your online launch. Expired domains need to have tons of genuine backlinks, clean history and relate to your market niche as basic selection criteria.

When All is Said and Done

You don’t have to try all possible methods for choosing your ideal domain name just to be sure you get it right. Sometimes, it’s love at first sight, sometimes it’s a long labour of love!
What matters is that you end up with a potentially powerful domain that matches the nature of your business and relates to your customers!