Upcoming Price Increase in 16 Uniregistry New gTLDs

Upcoming Price Increase in 16 Uniregistry New gTLDs

Last week Uniregistry, one of the biggest domain name registrars and the domain registry that manages 27 new gTLDs announced a significant price increase in 16 of them.

The increase will come into effect on 8 September 2017. Until then, domain registrants can register and renew their domains for up to 10 years at current prices. The hardest hit extensions are .hosting and .juegos (‘games’) which will reach about 350 EUR each. Other increases include:





priced at 120 EUR each.

Consumer demand for the targeted new gTLDs has been lower than expected, hence the increased prices to boost Uniregistry’s revenue. The registry needs more money to invest in marketing of those strings and then offer periodic discounts. For example, .juegos has only 1,000 names in its zone, while .hosting has less than 6,000.

Big domain registrars reacted by taking a customer-friendly view and not planning any price spikes themselves.

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