Over 400,000 Phishing Websites Detected Each Month in 2016

Over 400,000 Phishing Websites Detected Each Month in 2016

It’s that time of year: the phishing trends of 2016 have just been revealed. It turns out that 84% of observed phishing sites existed for less than 24 hours averaging under 15 hours. A phishing site can last for as little as 15 minutes which makes it harder for organizations to find a way to block the attack and prevent more victims from being affected.

This means that old security methods of detection and blocking such as static blacklists are no longer relevant. The task is also harder now because phishing sites hide behind benign-looking domains not behind dedicated domains as before. A page must be checked each time it’s requested because it can be compromised even for seconds.

Phishing attackers have become sophisticated craftsmen in order to obtain valuable sensitive information from their targets. The most targeted organizations in 2016 have been tech leaders Google, Apple, Paypal and Yahoo. 21% of all phishing sites until September were found to impersonate Google followed by Yahoo with 19%.

It’s suggested that organizations that make use of millions of endpoint and web sensors have better chances of detecting unfamiliar threats the moment they emerge anywhere in the world.

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