OFO.com Swept a Surprising 7-Figure Price

OFO.com Swept a Surprising 7-Figure Price

Late April 2017 witnessed the first three-letter domain to sell for 7 figures. So far this year, only 2 other two-letter domains reached that price. For more details, you can visit <The First 7-Figure Domain Sale for 2017>. This one, OFO.com, is also an acronym which makes this sale even rarer.

The acronym domain went to a Chinese buyer and even though the exact sum was not disclosed, it exceeded $1 million. It is a marked increase from the latest three-letter record holder from early April: lev.com cost $200,000.

In terms of sale numbers for the same period, OFO.com was followed by another .com — BeAmazed.com at Domain Market for $34,888. The only 2 non-com domains in the top 20 chart were Concert.io for $12,000 and Solar.global for $8,000.

Concert.io headed the ccTLD chart followed by CriticalMix.co.uk priced at $6,400.

For more news on domain sales, go to <The 2017 Domain Sale Season is Now On>.