Obtaining Decentralized Domain Name

Obtaining Decentralized Domain Name

If you already have a website or you have the intention of getting one and you are also interested in cryptocurrency and other technologies related to decentralization, then you must definately think about obtaining a decentralized domain name for your website. Decentralized domain names use decentralized DNS (Domain Name System) services. The system links the website address with the server that hosts the website through its IP address.
The website addresses and their connected IP addresses are kept in a database by central service providers. You are connecting to the IP address of the server by a request that is sent to the DNS privider when you write the website address in the search bar of the browser.

Benefits of Decentralized DNS

  • It is cheaper to register a domain name via DNS system that is blockchain-based, than registerting it through DNS that is centralized or a registrar.
  • You are not asked to identify yourself, your privacy is respected. Otherwise it may lead to a case where it is used against you.
  • Decentralized DNS doesn’t allow the domain names to be seized or blocked by governments.
  • Competition and consumer choice are increased.
  • Maintenance and support of other decentralized open services can be improved with your help when you spend money on a domain name.

Getting a decentralized .bit domain name

The .bit service is offered through cryptocurrency, Namecoin framework and it’s the most popular and broadly used system. It is very accessible, non-expensive, simple system and entirely resistant to any censorship. Dedicated IP address is required if you want to get a dotbit domain name. You possibly have that if you are in possession of a dedicated server hosting but if you don’t and your service is shared hosting then you need to think of buying a dedicated one. Most hosting services will gladly assist you and their price is not that high.

Namecoin (NMC) was created by changing the bitcoin protocol (peer-to-peer system), where a number of transactions were validated without inner supervision.
With Namecoin there are three ways you can make a transaction: Name_new, name_firstupdate and name_update. The first transaction sets a permanent price for the domain, the second makes the domain visible to anyone and the cost may change and the third transaction is for transferring and updating the domain name.
Although you can be your own domain registrar with Namecoin, you can still use other registration services that accept payment in BTC. Also their services include “friendlier” interface for renewing and modifying the domain.

Downloading the Namecoin software is the first step. You need to wait a while in order for the blockchain of Namecoin to be downloaded and synchronized with the network.
There is a tick symbol that will turn green when the process is ready. Now you are ready to register domains with ease. When you select the domain you want and you apply the needed configuration you are good to go! It could take a few hours in order for the registration to be accepted by the network. In the “manage domains” page you can see how much time you have left until your domain expires, then you will need to renew it.

Configuration and hosting of the decentralized .bit website

  • Websites such as .bit have the same setting procedure like all domain names. There are two options here:
    If you are in possession of a dedicated IP address: It is very simple, you just click on IP Configuration tab, you will see it appearing upon registering the domain name. Then you just simply make your website accesible by adding your IP address in the box.
  • If you don’t have a dedicated IP address then your hosting account is probably shared. Through the control panel of your shared hosting account you will need to enter your .bit domain name and also go to DNS configuration to add the nameservers.

How to register a NXT IP Alias

NXT supports alternative system. There are different options of using NXT aliases and one of them is using it as a website address.
Registering goes through making a new alias. There are three different types to select from the menu and to identify your alias with a domain you already have or add a new IP address.

Peername and GotDotBit are offering such services in exchange for an extra fee. They are also allowing for the first domain registration to be free of charge for one year. You will be able to register your domain very simple and fast over various platforms. You need to be very cautious because if the registrar disappears your website address will be lost.