.XYZ.com Launches a 1.111 Billion Numerical .xyz Domains

.XYZ.com Launches a 1.111 Billion Numerical .xyz Domains

The new batch of numerical domains will consist of six, seven, eight and nine digits. All can be registered and renewed for the wholesale price of $ 0.65 or the recommended retail of $0.99.

.xyz is one of the most popular gTLDs — it is registered in 230 countries and at over 180 registrars.

According to the company’s management, this move is intended to foster creativity and innovation by offering a huge number of relatively cheap domains for alternative uses. With the emergence of IoT, the new numerical domains can be used to match individual cars in a fleet, pet microchips, employees in a big company, etc. It is also suggested that they can be used as a virtual currency similar to Bitcoins because of their low cost, security and versatility.

Expectations for the launch of 1.111B Class are huge, but only time will tell.

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