Here comes the new .eco domain dedicated to all sustainable realities

Here comes the new .eco domain dedicated to all sustainable realities

One of the areas in which technology companies are moving most in these years is attention to the environment.

After years in which the environment was literally torn apart by industries, today many of these try to use recyclable materials, clean energies for their products, and indeed many companies that produce solar panels, devices for the production of electric current from the sea ​​and other similar solutions to enhance ecology as much as possible.

The network is also moving, in this sense, and for a few days the .eco domain is available for registration with a protected trademark, which will give the possibility to create domains with an .eco extension. This is an important innovation that will allow us to demonstrate an attention to the environment by a company, which will be able to enhance what it is doing from an ecological point of view.

Yes, because getting the .eco domain is not automatic, as is the case for other web domains. To get it, a specific documentation must be sent to the body that takes care of the registrations that goes to demonstrate the concrete projects that are being done for the environment, this will not be only today, but also in the future, and will have to be done for both corporate and private sites.

For individuals who have an interest in the environment and ecology, in fact, documentation is not necessary, but a project that explains how to try to favor the environment (even just an informative blog, for example).In fact, here will be a continuous control over the admission to the .eco domain which could also be revoked, should it be noted that the company or in any case the person holding the domain should go against the principles of the domain itself. The domain has a low cost because it is financed by numerous environmental associations, first of all the WWF and other associations that are important from an environmental point of view.
Also because the domain was not born, so to speak, from nothing: for 9 years the environmental associations have been trying to favor a domain that allows to enhance the activity towards the environment, excluding, however, all those companies that exploit the environment as an advertising medium without actually doing anything to improve the situation.
In this way, whatever happens the domain is managed by environmentalists, and the purpose is to associate (also through advertising campaigns) to those who navigate the .eco domain with attention to the environment.

This will be done over the years, because it will take time before we can associate “eco-environments” in the coming months, however, access to the domain will be guaranteed to everyone, not just to the companies that are the owners of a brand.