Google released the .app domain extension

Google released the .app domain extension

3 years ago, Google gained control over .app domain extension during an auction with other powerful internet companies. Now the .app extension is available for obtaining and it will offer you maximum security with the mobile application on Google play and App store.

The new domain can be requested between March 29 and May 1, 2018 in the “sunrise” period. This means that, during this first phase, only holders of registered trademarks can request.

Companies without trademarks may apply for the .app extension by paying an additional fee. It will only be from May 8 when the extension enters free phase, following the rule of first come, first served, or what is the same: you can register a specific domain that first requested.

For app developers and companies that have mobile applications, this domain extension is very useful as it would be useful in SEO positioning and security. Google has already made a security protocol in all .app domains.

Why is it important to register the .app domain as soon as possible?

Although .app domains can be registered since March 29, the application period enters a critical phase on Tuesday, May 8, the date on which the free registration phase begins. What does this situation imply? Why do we recommend registering the app domain now to all companies that have a mobile application?

We list some reasons to register your domain in .app as soon as possible:

As of May 8, it will no longer be necessary to have the trademark registered or validated in the Trademark Clearinghouse to request our .app domain. Nor will it be necessary to pay a large additional fee to register it with priority (as it has happened during the last week, in what is known as the Early Access period). Therefore, this could be the last opportunity to guarantee the protection of our web domain under this extension, to do it at a good price and, above all, to register it before another person comes forward.

  • Improve the SEO of mobile applications:

The .app domain is owned by Google, so it will be positive for the SEO positioning of your website in the search engine. In addition, it will benefit the positioning of the app within the Android Play Store, where the best positioned mobile apps are also the ones that most users download.

  • The app domains are very safe:

Thanks to a specific security protocol, Internet domains with .app extension will be well protected.

  • It will help you differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors

The .app domain can help its clients to more easily identify the nature of the products and/or services offered and be an integral part of brand positioning. Even those companies that do not yet have an app, are guaranteed, by registering this domain, not to close doors to new marketing and commercial strategies.

In short, the .app domain is essential for all companies that have a mobile application or could launch it in the future.