How to choose Expired Domains

How to choose Expired Domains

Expired domains can help your business, no doubt. But how to find and choose them, what are the common myths and dangerous pitfalls? Where to buy from a cheap but reliable provider? All the answers in the video below!

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    In our day and age of ‘brand new gadgets’, ‘latest technologies’, and ‘the most updated versions’, ‘expired domains’ may sound off-putting or at least irrelevant. “Aged domains’, “old domains”, “dropped domains”, they all sound as if they are long past their time and more importantly their value.

    Yet the practical truth about them might make you want to reconsider this notion. Expired domains prove to be a useful option when you are launching online and need to pick the best authority domains for your brand needs. Strong deleted domains may indeed be a better option because of the added value they can bring to your new brand. It is not by coincidence that such domains are often referred to as “authority domains” or “high pr domains”.

    When Old Domains is Better than New

    Check out the 4 solid reasons why aged domains are a good choice below:

    • More web traffic. Dropped domains with their long history attract traffic to your website much more efficiently than newly established ones. Moreover, if the domain you use is an authority domain that will even double up your website’s visits due to its verified quality over the past.
    • More trust. They’ve been around already so unless they’ve been abused, they’re more trustworthy than an unfamiliar newbie аnd thus more likely to be high domains.
    • More visibility. Also, picking powerful expired domains in your niche will make your brand more visible to your target market which is important when you’re building your online brand from scratch.
    • More sales. Once your new website is backed by a strong domain, you can easily bring in more visitors and this in turn will boost your sales figures. And the stronger the high domains is the better the sales figure will be.

    Generic or National Domain Extensions

    It may look surprising, but top quality expired domains are actually hard to come by, especially of the popular .com extension. These are auctioned off at considerable prices as soon as they are dropped.

    Therefore, your best bet maybe an old domain from a popular country extension such as .uk, or .de, or .eu or your own country’s if your business is primarily local.

    The Search for Expired Domains is On

    Good dropped domains are in high demand so there are a lot of dedicated websites where you can browse lists of aged domains. However, 200,000+ domains in all extensions expire every day, the bulk of which has been abused or have no traffic or other value whatsoever. Authority domains are beneficial in all means and purposes and so can easily go into the wrong hands and lose their worth.

    It requires time, effort and discernment to sift through such search volumes of old domains to find the rare powerful domain.

    At the End

    Ideally, you end up with a narrow selection of quality аged domains in your niche and target TLDs ready to give you traffic and sales.

    To learn more about buying expired domains, watch the video below!

    Searching and assessing expired domains takes time and practice. We can provide free consulting so you can get the best authority domains for your business!

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