Domain Registrar GoDaddy Introduces Domain Investing Menu on Website

GoDaddy, one of the biggest domain registrars and web hosting companies, has just introduced a new section to its website. The new section is only US-based at the moment. It can be accessed through the ‘Domains’ drop down menu. Domain Investment Tools, as it’s called, contains ‘Auctions’, ‘Bulk Search’, ‘Transfer’, ‘Whois’ and ‘Manage Your Domains’.

The idea behind the launch is to create a space for domain investor customers who use the site differently than regular business customers who manage only a few company domains. That’s why the most commonly used tools combined with useful information are brought together at one place. There is also a chat forum where customers can ask questions about domain investing so the section has an educational purpose as well.

The company’s management intends to further expand and change this section over time.

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