General Terms of Use of DOMAINLEX.COM

General Terms of Use of DOMAINLEX.COM


1. The platform (the ‘Platform’) is owned by the Domain Analyses Foundation (the ‘Foundation’), a nonprofit organization registered under BULSTAT 177054549 in accordance with Bulgarian law.

2. Terminology used in these General Terms of Use:

a. ‘User’ – a natural person using the Platform
b. ‘General Terms of Use’ – the terms that the User agrees with when they use the website.

3. The Platform and the information it offers are to be used under the terms described below. Using the Platform implies unconditional consent to all terms stipulated below. If the User does not agree with one or more of the terms for using the Platform, they have the right to refrain from using it, otherwise – consent with all terms of use is automatically assumed. The User’s consent with the terms is implicit.


4. The Platform contains the most up-to-date and effective security technologies and applications relevant to the User’s personal data.

5. The Foundation does not guarantee the Platform’s uninterrupted service.


6. The Foundation reserves the right to deny access to a particular post or the whole website for an unlimited period of time whether preplanned or incidental without assuming liability for potential damages incurred by the User as a result.

7. The Foundation reserves the right to redirect the User to other websites managed by the Foundation. In such cases, the User shall abide by these General Terms of Use.
8. The Foundation reserves the right to redirect the User to third-party websites. The Foundation has no control over their content and therefore is not responsible for its newsworthiness, authenticity and accuracy.

9. The information contained in the Platform should not in any way be interpreted as advice. All actions by the User regarding their rights and legal interests should be undertaken after expert consultation in the relevant field.
10. The information provided on the Platform can be general and abstract. To be put correctly into practice depends on the relevant, including legal, specifics of the real life circumstances which may not be considered on the Platform. This is the reason why the Foundation does not bear any liability in case the User applies this information in different and more complicated conditions or under exceptional circumstances as a result of which the User incurs damages.
11. When sending materials to any of the Foundation’s servers via email or the Platform, but not only, the User agrees:
a. such materials and information do not contain anything that is against applicable law or is in anyway unsuitable for publication.
b. to use all appropriate means to detect and remove viruses and any similar harmful or destructive elements and programs before sending materials and information.
c. to own the data and information or to have unrestricted rights to offer them: the Foundation may publish them for free and/or use them or the ideas they develop in its own products and services without assuming financial or any other liability.

12. The Foundation, via the Platform, does not collect/process/store personal data. The Foundation follows the terms of this document and the personal data rules under applicable law and the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.

13. The Platform collects only statistical data regarding website visits which are not related to the User’s personal data.

14. The information on the Platform is general and abstract. Its news value is monitored by the Foundation’s team but it is possible to miss partial or even complete changes such as in legislation. In case the User notices inconsistencies between the information on the website and Bulgarian or EU legislation, they can notify the Foundation’s team. The Foundation reserves the right to check that inconsistency and, if necessary, take measures to correct it.

15. The Foundation reserves the right to change or update the Terms of Use of the website as appropriate. The current General Terms of Use published on the Platform apply.

16. All information (articles, document templates and other materials) on the Platform are intellectual property of the Foundation and/or of the authors in the Foundation’s team. Its use is allowed under the following conditions:
a. Anyone is free to share any post by linking to its original source (the respective URL on the Platform).
b. Each link in the respective post should be kept active.
c. The author should be kept.
d. Without changes.
e. For noncommercial use.

17. The Foundation as a socially responsible organization values the User’s feedback.
18. The Foundation guarantees that messages are sent to the User only after their explicit inquiry via the designated contact form. After registering their email address in the designated contact form, they agree to receive notifications for new posts published on the Platform and other updated information relevant to the project.
19. The User has the right at any given moment to decline receiving messages through the e-newsletter on the Platform.
20. The Foundation reserves the right to contact the User for the purpose of conducting questionnaires/surveys concerning the quality of the information provided.
a. The questionnaires/surveys mentioned in this item can be carried out virtually, more specifically, via the digital/online channels of the Foundation linking to the Platform, as well as physically, including, but not limited to, brochures, newsletter, postcards, and questionnaires. surveys, etc.
b. The purpose of questionnaires/surveys is to improve the quality of information provided on the Platform as well as of the overall project.

21. By using the Platform and the information it contains, the User grants their unconditional consent to these General Terms of Use against which they receive the right to use the Platform for personal and noncommercial purposes.