What is Domain Parking?

What is Domain Parking?

Domain parking refers to the option of putting your domain on hold without associating it with a website or email service. This means that when visitors type in the domain name in a search engine, they are shown a temporary webpage with an ‘Under Construction’ message or a webpage with advertising links. Domain parking companies and registrars offer this option after the domain is registered or for a period after it expires, and it is used in a number of cases:

– Storing the domain for future use
– Storing the domain until you design its website find the best hosting provider, sell it, etc.
– Preventing cybersquatting (the practice of holding hostage a domain name containing a trademark to profit from it or resell it back to the trademark owner for a much larger sum.)
– Monetize the domain to earn pay-per-click revenue (PPC)

Parked Domain Monetization

Many registrars provide a monetizing service for unused domains. Features may vary, for eg percentage of revenue, customer support team, language support, web traffic technologies, etc., quality of ad targeting, but the basic idea is that your domain is redirected to the service provider’s page containing keyword targeted ads. The keywords will be related to your domain name and ads will include PPC ads, CPM banners or text links. The more traffic your domain has, the more visitors will be exposed to ads and the more revenue they will generate.
There are many parking service providers such as RookMedia, Sedo, ParkingCrew, OnlineNIC, ParkLogic, etc. so it is best to do some research into which will be most profitable to you depending on the domains you have. For example, Sedo is accessible and flexible, ParkingCrew and ParkLogic target professional domainers specifically; RookMedia prides itself on its lean structure, high percentage of revenue for customers, top-class customer support, etc. Or, if your domain has a lot of foreign traffic you can choose a provider that shows ads by country.
One reason parked domains generate revenue is because businesses buy ads on them to direct traffic to their own websites. This depends on the quality of keyword and Geo targeting that the parking company provides, however. You wouldn’t want to pay for traffic that bounces.

Expired Domains for Domain Parking

After your domain expires, there is a time period between when it goes offline and when you can no longer renew it. During that time, your domain registrar will most likely park your domain and monetize it for their purposes so why not park it yourself instead?
Domain parking with expired domains is worth it if you’ve got high authority expired domains. This means that they’ve got spam-free history, high search rankings and rich backlinks profile, ie good traffic.
It seems that more than 1,000 visitors per month make parking worthwhile. Every time visitors click on PPC ads, you collect more revenue.

Good To Go Domain Parking

After you register with a parking service provider, you just need to change the server settings in your domain registrar account and your domains are ready to collect cash.
Domain parking looks like a quick and easy way to cash in on your unused or undeveloped domains. However, you need first to analyze your domains for their traffic numbers and consider if it’s the best use for them, especially if they’ve already got websites with potential.