Who are we?

Domain Analysis Foundation is a Bulgarian non-profit, focusing on building a better and more stable Internet, specifically in regard to domain names and DNS.

Our Mission

We at Domainlex specialize in domain and DNS analysis, making domain background information available to anyone.

Our organization can conduct a thorough investigation on almost any domain available on the market in a matter of hours. Our mission is to offer the tools for this freely to any current and future domain owner.

We look out for potential threats, hidden in the background and registration data, so our users can complete their domain purchase with a quality guarantee while brands can combat trademark abuse and fake shops in the existing domain pool.


Why Is Domain Research so Important?

The domain market has expanded a lot in the past decade, and with it so has the list of sellers. However, not all platforms and mediums for domain purchase are created equal.

Often times, the sellers themselves may not be aware of a domain’s previous owners and use. Domain brokers can feature hundreds of thousands of domains on their website and few take the time to do a full background check on all of them.

What’s more, customers looking to buy domains often fall prey to fraud, linked to sellers hiding key information about domains.


How Can Domainlex Prevent Bad Domain Purchases?

Domain research requires access to certain domain monitoring tools, an extensive database and knowledge of technical terms. Domainlex functions as a complete solution for:

  • Buyers looking to buy domains from a third party.
  • Brands that have domain related problems

Here you can:

  • Find domain name registration data
  • Check domain history
  • Get advice on domain purchases
  • Check for bad domains
  • Keep track of interesting domain cases in our blog