Who We Are

The Domain Analysis Foundation is a Bulgarian non-profit organisation that helps small businesses choose and set up their domains for free. DomainLex provides free domain maintenance and website optimization for small and local businesses and organisations across industries. To even the playing field of digital marketing, we at Domainlex specialize in domain and DNS analysis, making domain information and website marketing tools available to anyone. We provide the database and know-how needed for a small business or organisation to put up, develop and grow its website.

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What We Do

Domain Name Research And Analysis

Our organization provides access to domain monitoring tools, an extensive database and knowledge of technical terms

Brand Protection

DomainLex educates small business owners on online brand protection strategies and provides to tools to implement them.

Website Maintenance

Following domain name registration, DomainLex helps business owners set up their websites, integrating search engine optimization and user experience strategies.


DomainLex provides the tools and know-how for business owners to keep track of website traffic and user engagement.